A campaign dedicated to bridging the rural-urban divide

Values WE CAN ALL Believe In

 Our politics have spent too much time looking at whether policies are to the “right or left” when they should be focusing on if they help the “top, middle, or bottom” of our citizens. 

The Platform

Serving The Community

Deborah has spent many years working in government, the non-profit sector, in BioPharma, and as a social purpose entrepreneur.  Now she wants to use her skills to passionately, but respectfully, speak to the needs of rural communities within the urban-dominated Nevada Legislature.

United By A Common Goal

 The Democratic values of hard work, looking out for one another, and most importantly fairness, are just as much a part of the fabric of rural culture as they are important in urban communities. But, far too often, Democrats have stopped showing up in our rural communities to address these common goals. 

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